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Our Promise to
Every Member

We promise to be an example of all we promote, to be accountable to our members and to seek their correction when any deviations appear. We serve as a resource for education, encouragement, challenge, inspiration and accountability.

"Each member in the forum has a different experience to share, whether the issue is business or personal. I can trust all of them and be open with any issue. All the group members love the Lord and provide counseling aligned with biblical principles. I love C12 content on ministry every month. For me, C12 is not about business. It is mostly about life-changing learning."

- Chris Kambala , CEO


“I've known these guys a long time, have been with them on their journeys, and they know my journey. When we are together, there is a lot of laughter, honesty, transparency, and wisdom. We meet once a month, and I leave every one of those meetings just full. We love each other. It's unique and very rich.”

- Craig Scheef , CEO

Texas Security Bank

"Everything [in my forum] is done in love. Every one of us comes into the meeting knowing we will walk out with more than we walked in with. They have my best interest at heart and will give me an honest answer to send me in the right direction."

- John James , President & CEO

Flex Tech

“My C12 Business Forum acts like a personal, trusted board of directors where I can bring any victory or struggle, personal or business. It is also like an ongoing, real-life MBA that focuses on critical business disciplines to sharpen my skills and broaden my experience.”

- Jeff Giddens , President


“C12 gives me a Christian peer forum with similar goals, shared values, helpful tips and tricks, and suggestions about how to balance work and life. The resources and educational material are also great.”

- Blake Shook , Owner

Desert Creek Honey

“We have a great mix of disciplines, people, and ideas in my business forum. The whole thing is just a wonderful concept. There has never been a time that I went to a meeting and did not come out thankful that I went.”

- Tim Spiars , CEO

Spiars Engineering

“It is nice to get away and reset as a leader and to have your perspective refreshed. Hearing different ideas, perspectives and business models, and how members are integrating redemption into their business is valuable.”

- Robert Neely , Founder


“This forum is not just about business; it is about life. There is something that goes on in our meeting that other friends cannot understand because they are not in my position. My forum gets it.”

- Marty Carney , CEO

Asaph Ventures

“I had gotten to the point in my career where I needed the challenging push of peers with values that were aligned to mine. Our forum has a diversity of businesses, but we are all united by a common commitment to Christ and each other.”

- David Grant , CEO

Animal Care Technologies

“I love my business forum. We have a great leader with a lot of big business experience. He is an easy and fun person to work with. He has tons of wisdom, goes the extra mile, and he really tries to help.”

- Bryce Finnerty , Owner


“I sit in a Key Player business forum with some highly intelligent people. I appreciate how they challenge me, help me grow, and keep me accountable. There are friendships that will last a lifetime.”

- Merry Prather , VP of Sales

RightNow Media

“The C12 Business Forum process and the members in my forum have helped me transform my business in amazing ways.”

- John Rogers , CEO

Performance Pulsation Control

“At C12 I can have deep faith conversations in the context of business and life with others that are facing the same challenges. I value the friendships, business expertise, the sharing of Biblical wisdom, guidance and counsel.”

- Jim Winblood , Owner

Mom's Best Friend

“It is a safe place for me to get things off my chest, to get answers, and it challenges me in how I deal with day-to-day issues. My forum offers accountability and encourages me in my faith.”

- Ryan Amerson , Owner

Energy Attic

“In my C12 Business Forum, we all have a common understanding of what the others are experiencing, and it offers a safe community for sharing Godly wisdom and experience.”

- Rob Peabody , CEO


“Other C12 members are very supportive and challenging (in a good way). We share experiences, and there is a lot of cross-pollination among the groups. I love my forum specifically- but also meeting the other members of C12 has enriched my life.”

- Bryan Engram , CEO

Brazen Animation

"There is just something cool about being around other believers running businesses. I have learned a lot of concepts from the topics, the curriculum, and the recommended books. Hearing other people’s struggles and helping them work through them has kept me going and is an encouragement."

- Eugene Han , CEO

SNAP IT Systems

“C12 has been a wonderful opportunity to be able to get great feedback, support and training, and to hear what other Christian organizations are implementing within their own companies.”

- Suzanne Grishman , Executive Director


“In C12, I am always intrigued by hearing companies’ goals, plans, and struggles. You come to find out that when everyone is transparent, that most of the problems you are experiencing, quite frankly, everyone has or is currently experiencing, too.”

- Ty Richardson , CEO

Hormone Therapy Centers of America

“My C12 Business Forum has shown me that is when we put our faith in God to give up control of the company to Him … we can trust Him with the results, which are not necessarily measured by a P&L statement. They have helped me focus on the things I can do and encouraged me to trust God in the big things and the small things.”

- Sean Huang , President

Huang Acrylic

“It is a cool experience to have multiple generations, businesses and experiences come together to share and be honest. They are so open and honest about mistakes they have made, the lessons learned, and warning me about certain things while encouraging me in other areas. I could go on forever about what I value about C12, my chair, and my fellow members.”

- Craig Dunlap , CEO

Delegate CX

"I love the collective wisdom of and the camaraderie with like-minded peers."

- Bill Squiric , Owner

Ad Pages

"I got started in C12 because I knew I needed to learn more about running a business well, and I wanted to learn it from other Christian business owners. I could read Harvard Business Review or look at Forbes, but I wanted a kingdom aspect involved in my growth and development."

- Steve Goodner , Owner

GSCFIT - Goodner Strategic Consulting

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