C12 North Texas

About Us

Our Promise to
Every Member

We promise to be an example of all we promote, to be accountable to our members and to seek their correction when any deviations appear. We serve as a resource for education, encouragement, challenge, inspiration and accountability.

Our mission & vision

  • Mission

    To lead leaders to accomplish God’s great purposes in North Texas.

  • Vision

    To be the catalyzing agent for business leaders who transform North Texas with the gospel.

    By 2028
    • CHAIRS: To have 10 more successful chairs functioning in C12 North Texas.
    • MEMBERS: To add 250 C12 members and 150 Key Players.
    • INFLUENCE: To be the trusted leader in the intersection of business and ministry in North Texas.
    • IMPACT: To create a vibrant, shared culture of community transformation.

Our core values

  • Gospel

    We constantly seek to share the good news of Jesus Christ while modeling what it means to “work out our salvation”

  • Gratitude

    ...With a spirit of humility and thankfulness understanding the amazing gift of grace

  • Growth

    ...So that we can participate with God’s plan to expand His kingdom now and forever

  • Grit

    ...Knowing that we will endure trials yet committing to continuing this good work until God calls us to our next chapter.